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Have you been rejected because of your bad credit? Welcome to get our bad credit loans!

Have you got refusal from traditional banks and don’t know what to do with your bad credit? Don’t be upset because we have the solution for bad credit borrowers who can apply for our payday loans for bad credit users! Let’s consider what should be taken into account if your credit history is far from a perfect one.

Will it be a reasonable decision to borrow money if you have bad credit?

A lot of customers with bad credit history ask themselves the same question. However, the answer will depend on the following points:

  1. What was the reason of your bad credit situation and how bad your credit score really is?
  2. What is there in your credit file?
  3. Is your current income stable?

What is the reason of your financial problem?

If you failed to repay your loan once and you know that this reason is not going to repeat again then you shouldn’t worry about applying for a new payday loan. We understand that it could be even not your fault and that your financial capacity to handle your debt is fine at the moment.

However, if your problem is connected to a great number of financial issues then perhaps it would be better if you postpone the idea of taking on more debt in your current situation.

IPCLoans take care of our customers and can’t allow you to get into trouble and get a bad mark in your report.

How to define that your credit rating is bad?

There are several types of bad credit depending on the situation. Let’s consider when you can say that you have a bad credit score.

  1. Are you a bankrupt?

    If you are considered to be a bankrupt at the moment then you have the only one situation which makes it impossible to apply for our payday loans online. You should wait until the process is completed and if you are back on your feet having a steady income again then we will be glad to offer you the possibility to enjoy our instant money.

  2. Have you had defaults?

    There are no lenders who will be glad to see a default mentioned in your credit file. We are ready to support you and provide you with our payday loans in case you are able to prove that you can apply for more loans currently having a steady source of income.

  3. Are there any late payments on your current debt?

    As a rule, late payments on your existing debt are recorded on your credit file. It is important not to have them too often because they can count against you. If a customer is always late with making payments the lender can think that he has real financial problems.

Are our payday loans able to improve your credit history?

If you get IPCLoans payday loan and follow all rules of the repayment terms, then we are going to help you in improving your credit history by reporting about your on time repayments. Get our payday loan and improve your credit score automatically!

Those clients who can demonstrate that they have a steady income and can afford paying back a new loan are going to have better chances of improving their credit rating.